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Developer Diary Update: March 22nd

Following a great week of platform enhancements, connections and marketing opportunities, we're here to share the latest strides in our journey to revolutionize content creation

Stuart Meczes

Following a great week of platform enhancements, connections and marketing opportunities, we're here to share the latest strides in our journey to revolutionise content creation. From Stuart's impactful engagements to significant back-end developments, let's dive into this week's highlights:

Stuart's Engagements: Promoting Future of Content

Last week our Chief Content Officer, Stuart, had the esteemed opportunity to speak at an entrepreneurship event at Madrid's IE Business School. He delved into the nuances of content marketing and detailed how Contnt is at the forefront of shaping the creator economy. Stuart's insights illuminated the paths for future business professionals, emphasizing the pivotal role of innovation, support, and community in the evolving landscape of content creation and beyond.

Adding to his accomplishments, Stuart's appearance on the popular Brains Byte Back podcast went live this Wednesday. The platform is known for its critical discussions on technologys that aim to forge a better future for humanity. Stuart and host Erick spoke all about Contnt during their engaging conversation, discussing how it's prepped to overhaul the creator economy and help combat the many issues the industry faces. You can find a link to the podcast episode here.

Furthermore, Stuart participated in Connect: Consumer Tech Pioneers on Thursday, an exclusive competitive event where startup companies break down their innovations for world leading journalists. This was a golden opportunity for Contnt to showcase our unique value proposition to a global audience, further cementing our place as pioneers in the creator economy. We are proud to announce that Contnt came in second place! Not only this but a major journalist requested interview meetings with Stuart, to further unpack Contnt.

A major success for the company.

Latest Platform Enhancements: Usability and Functionality

The development team has also been hard at work, addressing all your great feedback and continuing to improve the platform in meaningful ways. This week, we've introduced several key enhancements designed to streamline your experience and foster even more creativity and interaction. Here's what's new:

  • Newly Added Character Counter: We've integrated a character counter for DMs/chat, comments, titles, and post descriptions, assisting you in crafting concise yet powerful messages.
  • Creator Card Visual Update: The Creator Card has received a visual overhaul, with clearer indications of active state buttons to improve usability and interaction.
  • Live Streaming Comment Time Accuracy: To boost engagement during live streams, we've streamlined the comment display and removed the timestamp to allow focus to remain on the action.
  • Mobile Browsing Optimizations on Explore Creator Page: We've streamlined the mobile user experience by removing unnecessary buttons when accessing a post's comments, making navigation smoother and more intuitive.
  • Profile Text Size Enhancement: Recognizing the importance of readability, we've increased the text size within the Profile section, making it easier to read and navigate.

Continuous Improvement: Your Feedback in Action

  • Sign-Up and User Profile Settings: We've improved the responsiveness and added crucial validation messages to streamline the sign-up process and enhance the user profile settings, making your journey on our platform as seamless as possible.
  • Visual and Functional Enhancements: Addressing user feedback, we've also resolved visibility issues for Safari users and streamlined various interface elements to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience across all devices.

Your valuable feedback is the driving force behind much of our continuous innovation. As we evolve, we remain committed to delivering an unparalleled platform experience, empowering creators, and redefining the content creation landscape.

So we welcome you to continue to test out the new features and share your insights with us. Together, let's keep growing the Contnt Revolution!

Rocco – CEO, Contnt