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Who We Are:

Contnt is a cutting-edge subscription-based platform that is dedicated to transforming the creator economy. We're the marketplace where creators of all kinds can share, grow, monetize, and safeguard their content.

Our edge? We offer unmatched royalties, unique revenue streams, and foster rapid growth through educational workshops. Unlike other platforms, we also prioritize spotlight equality and autonomy, giving fair opportunities to all. Plus our creator-first revenue structure also ensures that the more people join, the bigger cut creators take home, creating a win-win for everyone.

What We Do:

Contnt is a vibrant platform for the talent of today and tomorrow – a supportive space where they can create freely, fairly, and fearlessly. We feel our core values are what truly allow us to revolutionize the creator space: 

  1. Spotlight equality ensures creators can monetize from day one without brands and algorithms getting in the way.
  2. One-Click NFT capabilities gives creators full autonomy and genuine ownership over their content, and provide lifelong earning opportunities. 
  3. Collaborative workshops give creators the tools to learn and earn, on their terms.
  4. Our belief in creative freedom prioritizes free-speech without sacrificing community safety.

Where We Fit:

At Contnt, we're building the future of the creator industry – one that's decentralized, autonomous, and committed to fair monetization. Our web-3 based platform doesn’t only allow creators to build their audience and earn, it’s also provides the tools for the growth and diversification of skills.

The roles of student and teacher are fluid – writers can transform into podcasters, artists can study technology, or game streamers can become artists. This is because we offer a supportive and collaborative space for creators to master their crafts and expand their horizons, all while growing their fanbase.

With Contnt, you're not just part of the creator industry, you’re helping to evolve it.