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When gifts turn to grifts: why the creator economy is broken and how Contnt aims to fix it

When it comes to social media platforms the old adage rings true: “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Because these platforms weren’t originally designed with monetization in mind. 

Stuart Meczes

When it comes to social media platforms the old adage rings true: “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Because these platforms weren’t originally designed with monetization in mind. 

But as social networks have evolved, so too have the opportunities to turn content into profit – by both platforms and creators alike. The road has not been smooth – until now, making a living through content creation has been messy, unsustainable, and has taken the road to downright grifting one too many times. 

Creators are so resilient and clever they’ve made it work for themselves, but this often comes at their own expense: 79% of creators have experienced burnout -- with that figure increasing to 83% among creators who are struggling to monetize their platform.

It’s time to imagine something different. 

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of why the current ecosystem is broken and how we aim to fix it.

Big Tech’s Main Priority is Big Tech - Not Creators

Take a look at recent headlines around popular content sharing platforms and it’s clear their priority is profit, not creators. There’s a pretty standard playbook at work here: New features are rolled out, creators with large audiences are incentivized, only for the cash to disappear when the system changes again. 

This inconsistency takes its toll on established creators, and makes it harder for newcomers to stand a chance. Even if you’re able to carve out a substantial audience, a single algorithm change may sweep them out to sea. And as current political events have made clear, there is always the risk of being shadowbanned. Or worse, creators can be entirely de-platformed, losing years of hard work and their livelihood in an instant.

Success on One Platform Doesn’t Always Translate to Another 

As many creators can tell you, going viral on TikTok doesn’t guarantee you’ll get to reap YouTube’s better ad revenue. The biggest brands in the world have struggled to make cross-channel content - why would it be any easier for an individual content creator? 

This leaves creators feeling chained to one place or medium, which can stifle creativity. After all, creators are creatives and playing with new art supplies is a great way to breathe new life into your work. But experimenting with new mediums as a content creator risks losing the audience you’ve worked hard to build. With limited freedom, creators may turn to third parties to transfer content across platforms, losing additional revenue in the process. 

There’s No Such Thing As IP On Traditional Social Platforms

In the world of social media, there’s a thin line between being the originator of a viral trend and being the victim of IP theft. And there is no shortage of accounts that farm content for profit, not bothering to credit creators. What you post on YouTube today, may end up in a TikTok compilation tomorrow. 

Once shared, it’s impossible to track where your content ends up. It’s frustrating when a creator with a similar following takes your ideas, but it’s maddening when a massive brand does the same. Today it reads like a tale as old as time: artists who rely on social platforms to make a living see their designs sold at a fraction of the cost by a fast-fashion giant.

It’s a David vs. Goliath situation, and too often creators are without a slingshot. 

 How Contnt Breaks the Mold

The problem of monetization on social platforms is nothing new and consequently we’ve seen a rise in subscription-based platforms (along with copycat moves on social). This has been a step in the right direction! Subscriptions can bring more stability to income, making the time in between sponsored content less risky, or even removing the dependence on such collaborations altogether. 

This is where Contnt steps in.

Contnt is a unique subscription-based platform built from the ground up, designed to transform the creator economy. We’ve created a marketplace where creators of all kinds can share, monetize, and safeguard their content. We empower creators with unmatched royalties, diversified revenue streams, and educational workshops to foster collaboration and community. Our unique revenue structure ensures that the more people join, the bigger cut creators take home, creating a win-win for everyone.

Contnt is a community built for today and tomorrow’s talent to create freely, fairly, and fearlessly. 

Ready to unlock your creative potential? Join the Contn revolution by subscribing and securing your handle today!