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Introducing Myles Leask:

Here at Contnt, we are extremely excited to have onboarded Myles Leask as our official Social Media manager and Ambassador 'Face’ of the company

Stuart Meczes

Social Media Manager and Brand Face

Here at Contnt, we are extremely excited to have onboarded Myles Leask as our official Social Media manager and Ambassador ‘Face’ of the company. You may well have already heard of him. After all, the British-born Myles is a highly-recognized figure in the fitness world, known for his dynamic role as a personal trainer, fitness model, influencer and content creator, with a very large online following. With a rich background that includes work with major brands like MyProtein, Nocco and Father & Sons, he has solidified his position as a prominent brand ambassador for a variety of key companies in numerous industries. His journey in fitness modeling is also marked by collaborations with high-profile clients such as Men's Health, Vanity Magazine, and Adidas (plus dozens more) underscoring his versatility and universal appeal​.

As the new Social Media Manager and public face for Contnt, Myles brings a staggering wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the platform. His deep understanding of content creation, coupled with his strong social media presence and likable personality positions him uniquely to help lead Contnt's marketing efforts and community engagement strategies. We feel Myles’ long-standing history as an influencer and content creator will also directly appeal to audiences, as he will be speaking from a position of personal understanding surrounding issues in the industry and the need for a platform that fixes them. As such he will leverage his vast social media knowledge to reach and inspire those interested in starting or growing their own career in the industry, whilst enhancing Contnt's overall visibility and awareness.

“I am incredibly excited to be a part of Contnt, a company that I feel is going to set a new standard in the industry," Myles himself explains. "For way too long, platforms have selfishly prioritized profits over people - we're just numbers to them. Contnt is changing all of that by putting creators first and encouraging them to produce authentic content, which fully aligns with my own feelings around content creation. This role offers me the unique opportunity to inspire a global community that values creativity and hard work, and I could not be happier.”

The integration of Myles into the growing Contnt family could not come at a more perfect time, with our push towards the official public launch, and release of numerous hotly-anticipated features – such as one-button NFT content minting, web3 token launch, and coin / credit implementation. We are proud to have Myles as part of the team and look forward to harnessing his incredible expertise to assist our growth as we continue to push on with our mission of transforming the creator economy for all. 

Myles  - Welcome to the Contnt Revolution!