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Developer Diary Update: March 12th

Now we have passed the exciting successful beta launch of our MVP platform, we are continuing to work hard behind the scenes, making sure that the platform is as good as it possibly can be.

Stuart Meczes

Now we have passed the exciting successful beta launch of our MVP platform, we are continuing to work hard behind the scenes, making sure that the platform is as good as it possibly can be, onboarding creators and getting a ton of media coverage. We also want to keep our fantastic community in the loop on both the web 2 and web 3 side of things, and this new weekly Developer Diary series will do just that. So let’s dive straight in!

Technical Enhancements and Platform Updates

Our team's dedication to enhancing platform functionality and usability shines through in this round of updates, ensuring that Contnt continues to grow to become the destination for content creators.

UI and UX Enhancements

  • Send Tip and Comment Interface: We've refined the interface to align with our aesthetic and functional goals, ensuring smoother interactions.
  • Username Preview Link in User Settings: The preview link has been updated for clarity, helping you understand how your username is presented on the platform.
  • Edit Username Functionality: Resolved an issue to streamline username changes, enhancing user control over their profile identity.

    Video Playback and Support
  • Correct Video Playback from Feed: Fixed an issue to ensure the right video plays when selected from your feed, enhancing content engagement.
  • M4V Video Compatibility: Expanded our video format support to include M4V, broadening the types of content you can share and enjoy.
  • Streaming Settings Optimisation: Improved the streaming settings interface for a better viewing and broadcasting experience.

Messaging and User Identification

  • Messaging from Playback Page: Addressed a bug to correctly display user names instead of "Anonymous" when messaging from playback pages.
  • Email Icon Visibility on Safari: Ensured the email icon is visible for all Safari users, facilitating communication across our community.

    Platform Functionality Enhancements
  • Send Tip and OBS Stream Flow: Both features have been optimised for reliability, offering a seamless experience.
  • Subscription Button and Flow Improvements: Made mobile display adjustments and enhanced the subscription process for easier navigation.

Additional Fixes

  • Comments on Mobile: Fixed a bug preventing comment loading on mobile devices, ensuring full interaction with posts.
  • Minimum Value Settings for Financial Interactions: Corrected minimum value settings for tips, subscriptions, and posts, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Inspiring Future Leaders at IE Business School

This Wednesday, our very own Stuart has the honour of addressing the next generation of entrepreneurs at IE Business School. He will be sharing insights into the revolutionary impact of content marketing and how platforms like Contnt are setting new benchmarks in the creator economy. This engagement underlines our commitment to not just leading but also shaping the future of content creation.

Unveiling Our Vision: A New Video Introduction

We're excited to share a brand new video with you all that captures the essence of Contnt. Not only is it exciting and fun, but also serves a larger purpose. We will be sending it – accompanied by personalised emails – to known creators seeking a platform that champions innovation, fairness, and community, and we are confident it will showcase what we offer well.

Join the Contnt Revolution

So there you have it, our latest updates for this week – more to come next week! Also if you haven’t already, why not jump on the platform and test it out for yourselves, and tell any creators you know about Contnt too! Your valuable feedback will help shape and speed up our growth, so that we can change the content creation world forever. 


Rocco – CEO, Contnt