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Recapping Contnt’s First Voice Chat: Countdown to the Beta Launch!

We’re just days away from the official Beta launch of the Contnt platform happening on February 16, 2024!

Stuart Meczes

We’re just days away from the official Beta launch of the Contnt platform happening this Friday February 16, 2024! In the lead up to this exciting milestone, our very own Stuart Meczes and Mario Katra took to X Spaces last Friday for a voice chat (VC) aimed at answering some of the biggest questions we’ve received from our community as we’ve been working tirelessly to bring this project online. 

If you weren’t able to join us live, here’s a rundown of what you missed: 

The conversation kicked off with Mario summarizing some of the ups and downs the Contnt team has experienced on the journey to bringing Contnt to life. Highlights included securing $3 million in angel seed funding and incorporating the Contnt business and head office in Dubai, where cutting-edge innovations in blockchain and Web3 are happening. Despite challenges like the Crypto crash slowing momentum last year, the team is proud to have persevered. 

Stuart then contextualized the greatest pain points plaguing the creator economy and how the Contnt platform is directly tackling them:

  •  First up? Unfair royalties. The Contnt platform will offer creators the highest royalties in the industry at an 87% to 13% split, with plans to reduce that number to 10% after a full launch. 
  • Secondly, unfair spotlighting. While traditional platforms are designed to bring more attention to their most popular creators, the Contnt platform is dedicated to spotlight equality. Regardless of follower counts, creators who are putting in the work have the opportunity to be featured on the homepage. 
  • Finally, corporate overreach. The biggest platforms out there are playing judge, jury, and executioner, deplatforming and demonetizing creators arbitrarily or on the whims of public opinion. In order to create a safe community grounded in free speech, but intolerant of hate speech, we’re actively developing an advanced AI system that will detect and report back potential safety issues where they will go through a manual arbitration system. 

The duo then got to the most exciting part of the chat: questions about the upcoming launch! Stuart summarized some of the exciting work that’s been happening alongside launch-prep including media interviews, future speaking opportunities, and an upcoming feature on ProductHunt. 

Mario then extended an invitation to the community to actively participate in the MVP launch happening this Friday, February 16 by joining and testing the platform's functionalities. He explained the key features that will be available such as live streaming, subscription services, messaging, pay-to-view payment processing, and content publishing. Everyone should also keep their eyes peeled on the Contnt socials as there will be announcements about incentives and competitions for rewards!

He also assured community members who were curious about the platform’s Web 3 and crypto token capabilities that good things come to those who wait. The priority for the Beta launch is to open the platform to the public and stress test the utility. The tokens will soon follow. 

Stuart then tackled one of the most consistent questions the team receives – how will the platform stand out? He emphasized that the Contnt platform is not interested in trying to replace or compete with the major players out there. In fact, we’re working on implementing a hub where creators can distribute content from our platform to others, as well as developing creator workshops and master classes to further support and empower creators. However, with such high royalties, features like automatic NFT-minting that also work to protect IP, and multiple revenue streams, we’re confident that creators will choose our platform as their primary space to host their content. 

As far as what the road ahead holds for the Contnt platform, Mario teased that the team is building a detailed dev roadmap for AI and blockchain integration, but more on that will be shared in future announcements. As for now, the team is committed to some key post-Beta launch milestones. The first is optimizing platform speed – we’ll be applying advanced caching mechanisms, and upgrading loading techniques to ensure the platform is lightning quick. 

Further milestones will include improving subscription and monetization tools for creators, including features like a tiered subscription model, a real time dashboard for tracking earnings and engagement, a flexible payout system, and enhanced security measures for payment transactions.

Finally, the conversation wrapped up with Contnt’s commitment to the highest-quality user experience through continuously improving UX and UI, compliance with all global data protection regulations, and a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. Stuart and Mario also reiterated the team’s commitment to transparency and communication – look for more of these chats in the future. If you’ve got questions about our platform that weren’t answered in the VC, please send them to where we will be happy to answer them! 

We’re so excited to share our hard work with the world on Friday, February 16! Get ready for the revolution and join us here!